Questions to Ask During a House Viewing in the UK

Questions to Ask During a House Viewing in the UK

Introduction Stepping into a potential new home in the UK is an exciting and often overwhelming experience. Amidst the whirlwind of emotions and initial impressions, ensuring you ask the right questions becomes paramount. Remember, a house viewing is not just an opportunity to assess the property; it’s your chance to gather crucial information to make […]

How Tall is a 2-storey house in the UK?

How Tall is a 2-storey house?

Introduction Have you ever gazed upon a charming Victorian terrace or a contemporary two-storey house in the UK and wondered, “Just how tall is that house?” While the architectural landscape of the UK boasts a captivating array of styles and sizes, one question frequently arises: How tall is a typical 2-storey house in the UK? […]

Does Rendering a House Add Value?

Does Rendering a House Add Value?

Introduction As a homeowner in the UK, you’re constantly evaluating ways to enhance your property’s charm, functionality, and, most importantly, value. In this quest for improvement, one question consistently arises: Does rendering add value to your UK home? The answer, like most things in life, isn’t a simple yes or no. It’s a nuanced tapestry […]

Selling Your House with a Mortgage: Navigating the Finances

Introduction Putting your house on the market is an exciting adventure, but for many homeowners, it comes with a financial knot in their stomach: their mortgage. What happens to your mortgage when you sell your house in the UK? Can you sell with it still hanging over your head? Can you transfer it to your […]

Can you build a basement under an existing house?

Introduction Expanding your living space without encroaching on precious outdoor land might seem like a paradoxical dream. But for homeowners in the UK, an intriguing solution lies beneath their very feet: the possibility of constructing a basement under their existing house. This subterranean venture may conjure images of luxurious wine cellars and hidden home cinemas, […]

What is a house share?

Introduction Dreaming of your own place in the bustling cityscape or yearning for a vibrant social scene? Look beyond the confines of solo flat-hunting and discover the dynamic world of house shares in the UK. This unique co-living arrangement might hold the key to unlocking your ideal residential experience, offering affordability, camaraderie, and a chance […]

How much does damp devalue a house?

How much does damp devalue a house

Introduction The dream of owning a home in the UK often includes visions of cosy corners, crackling fireplaces, and Sunday roasts. But what happens when dampness casts a shadow on this idyllic picture? The question How much does damp devalue a house? It becomes a chilling whisper, echoing through the minds of prospective buyers and […]

Do you need planning permission to render your house?

do you need planning permission to render your house

Introduction Ah, the humble rendered house, standing proud with its smooth, sleek façade. But before you embark on transforming your brick abode into a modern masterpiece, a crucial question arises: Do you need planning permission to render your house in the UK? Fear not, homeowners, for this blog serves as your compass, navigating the labyrinthine […]

How long does shortlisting take for housing?

how long does shortlisting take housing

Understanding Shortlisting in Housing: Timelines and Meaning In the realm of housing, the term shortlisting holds significant weight, often signifying progress in securing a place to call home. For those navigating the complex landscape of housing applications, understanding what shortlisting entails and the time it typically takes can provide clarity and peace of mind during […]

Should You Buy a House with Structural Movement?

House model concept in hand

Introduction Buying a house is a significant investment and a decision that warrants careful consideration. One of the concerns that might arise during the home-buying process is the presence of structural movement in a property. Structural movement refers to the shifting, settling, or subsidence of a building’s structure, potentially affecting its stability and integrity. The […]