We received outstanding service from Trina Stanway at the Michael Anthony Bletchley Branch in Milton Keynes. From the very beginning, when Trina showed us the house we wanted to rent, she introduced herself with a warm smile and was naturally friendly and enthusiastic in showcasing the available properties. Initially, we expected everything to go smoothly, but unfortunately, we encountered some issues on our side with the paperwork. We started to lose hope of securing the beautiful house, but Trina never gave up on helping us.

She made no promises but went above and beyond our expectations, surprising us with great news. Trina went the extra mile to assist us and found creative solutions to address the problems in the right way. Despite the personal troubles we faced, we ended up smiling as brightly as Trina Stanway. We cannot express our gratitude enough for her hard work and dedication to her job. She truly deserves recognition and an award. Thank you once again, Trina Stanway.. Lots love Josh