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An auction sale is fast as the buyer commits legally on the fall of the gavel with an exchange of contracts secured by a 10% non-returnable deposit.
Auction sales can reduce the stresses and uncertainty that can exists with some transactions, nor are there are no long drawn out negotiations
or renegotiations. Another great advantage of the auction process is that interested parties can bid for your property with competition between serious bidders often producing exceptional results.

Buying Your New Home

Traditionally an auction has been regarded as a means of selling cheap, run down properties and repossessions but the real growth over the past few years has been in the popularity of selling residential family homes.

Auctions are fast becoming a way sellers can find their ideal buyer at a realistic price for a quick, no-fuss sale.

The auction arm of our business has been successfully trading auction properties since our inception and regularly secures sellers the best price at the best time in the market. There’s certain times when selling or buying via auction might just be the right option for you.

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Michael Anthony Estate Agents | Property Auction

Require a quick, no fuss sale?

Michael Anthony Estate Agents | Property Auction

Going, going, gone! Selling via auction means you can complete in a matter of weeks!

Sell with ready made tenants?

Michael Anthony Estate Agents | Property Auction

Lenders and solicitors will typically require a vacant property for sale. However when using our auction service this isn’t the case. This means you can sell with ready-made tenants for your new buyer, allowing them and you to benefit from non vacant periods.

Trouble on the open market?

Michael Anthony Estate Agents | Property Auction

The market always has it’s challenges and sometimes a property can take a long time to sell for a number of reasons. Other times there could be issues around the construction or lease that holds up a sale. With auction though we can push such sales through regardless.

Inheritance properties

Michael Anthony Estate Agents | Property Auction

Property inheritance can be a complicated process at a difficult time. If you’re the executor to the will or have inherited with other family members it’s important to show everyone you’ve achieved the best price.

Selling land?

Michael Anthony Estate Agents | Property Auction

Both large and small plots of land sell very well at auctions. Many buyers at auction have an idea in place and if they can see planning potential then they will make a purchase there and then.


Michael Anthony Estate Agents | Property Auction

If you have a property in need of some TLC auction could be the perfect opportunity to tell. Any type of renovation project will appeal to buyers and investors looking to add value to a property.

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